Building Services Engineering

Building ServicesWe are engaged by our clients for our expertise in the following categories of installation and maintenance services:


1. Air-conditioning and ventilation installations include all-air-system, air-and-water system, all-water system, unitary refrigerant-based system, air freeze system, heat pump and heat recovery system, air distribution and piping system, energy recovery system and automatic control system.


2. Fire service installations include automatic sprinkler system, fire hydrant and hose-reel system, automatic & manual fire alarm system, and automatic gas extinguishing system.


3. Plumbing & drainage installations include fresh water system, flushing water system, rainwater drainage system, soil and wastewater drainage system.


4. Industrial engineering installations including power generation plant boilers, coal and ash conveying systems etc.


5. High and Low Voltage electrical system installations including HV Panel, L.V. switchboard, power distribution, generator set, luminaries system, earthing & lightning system.


6. Extra low voltage system installations includes security, public address, audio and video, building automation management, car park control, communal aerials broadcast distribution & satellite master antenna television.


REC has been managing multi-complex E&M projects for over 2 decades. Our credentials encompass mass transit railways, hospitals, hotels, and electric power plants, which demand our capabilities in managing and delivering packaged projects with multi-discipline installations and coordination.


With our proven record and expertise in complex packaged projects, we have been selected to participate in more and more infrastructure and development projects of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government as well as organizations of both the public and private domains. Through successful completion of these projects, we have acquired a higher status in the industry and the pride of being able to contribute to local and regional development, which are much valuable than pecuniary gains.