Job Highlights

Job Description

Responsibilities 職責:

  • Operation and Maintenance of Electrical, Mechanical and Other Installations for Municipal Venues in the North District Town Hall under EMSD Contract No. 2113EM20T  機電工程署合約編號 2113EM20T 市政場地北區大會堂的機電及其它設備之操作及維修

Requirements 要求:

  • A Certificate in Building Services/Electrical/Mechanical Engineering, and at least three years’ post-qualification supervisory experience in the related field  屋宇設備/電氣/機械工程證書,至少三年相關資格的督導經驗;
  • An apprenticeship in the electrical engineering field, and at least eight years’ post-apprenticeship supervisory experience in the related field  電機工程範圍的學徒訓練,以及學徒後有相關範圍至少八年的督導經驗
  • Holder of (1) a REW under the Category of Grade B electrical work, (2) a Construction Industry Safety Training Certificate under Section 6BA(2) of the F&IU Ordinance, and (3) a Construction Workers Registration Card  持有(1)電力工程乙級類別的註冊電業工程人員、(2)《工廠及工業經營條例6BA(2)條》的建造業安全訓練證書,及(3)建造業工人註冊證;
  • A Certificate in Safety and Health for Supervisors (Construction), if available first priority  安全健康督導員(建造業)證書 (如有優先)