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REC Green Technologies Company Limited (“RGT”) and REC Green Energy Solutions Company Limited (“RGE”) are wholly-owned subsidiaries of Yau Lee Holdings Limited. RGT was established in 2011 to provide energy enhancement solution services and energy saving products, e.g. research and development of energy efficient products, and RGE was subsequently established in 2012 to provide software and solutions, e.g. energy optimization solution, building management system configuration and energy monitor solutions. RGT and RGE Singapore were set up in 2013 to offer energy solution services to our clients in Singapore and nearby regions. REC Environmental Technology (Guangzhou) Company Limited (“RET”) was set up in Guangzhou, PRC to provide energy saving solutions and green products, and to explore China market.

Products & Solutions Highlights

  • Intelligent Fan Coil Unit (iFCU™)
  • Energy Optimization Solution for HVAC System (EOS)
  • Powerbox™
  • ECOOL™
  • RGT-Sinro
  • Nanoflex® Lighting Fixture
  • Bamako Burner™

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