Environmental Engineering

The Environmental Engineering Department provides Environmental and Chemical system installations scope of business including:

  • Sewage and Waste Water Treatment: Sewage and Stormwater Pumping Stations, Sewage Treatment Works, Sludge Treatment, Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Genset, Automatic Car Parking System etc.
  • Potable and Sea Water Treatment: Sea Water Pumping Stations, Potable Water Pumping Stations, Water Treatment Works, Electro-chlorination Systems and On site Chlorine Generation etc.
  • Solid Waste Management: Automated Refuse Collection Systems (ARCS) and Refuse Handling System (RHS), Organic Waste Treatment etc.

In October 2018, REC proudly announced that it had been authorized by GE Power DP (now under the brand of Innio) to be the only Channel Partner to sell Jenbacher Combined Heat and Power Genset, its genuine OEM spare parts, provide service, repair and warranty work pursuant to the Agreement and its general terms and conditions, within the territory of Hong Kong and Macau.

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